The Extensive Guide to iPhone and Android Apps

The Extensive Guide to iPhone and Android Apps

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You might have dollar signs in your eyes, or just be a business owner that wants to bring attention to their services with a helpful app.  There are numerous ways to create iPhone apps and Android apps.  Here is a breakdown of what some of the SDK’s are and also some other great app dev tools that are available.

Android Apps

Android is a Java based programming kit.  It comes with extensive tools for development, source code and samples and even has testing tools.  There is a fee of twenty-five dollars in order to distribute applications on Google Play.


This SDK and OS is know as iOS.  Developers will pay around $100 to get access to debug tools and guides for developing apps for iPhone brands.

Obviously, the goal of most app developers is to sell their app.  One of the best ways to get that to happen is by having a quality app that serves a purpose that everyone needs served, but also, promotion is very important.  Sites that have a featured app section are some of the best to give your app the attention that it deserves.


Probably the most worldly distributed operating system on the market.  However, the development side for Windows mobile OS is fairly new and that also makes it a viable place to get some quick attention if you make a great app.


BlackBerry’s App world is mostly under developed and mostly forgotten by most developers.  If you are still interested in developing for the BlackBerry, they do offer a loose submission policy, but all apps still have to be approved.


Here are some cool apps development tools that you may need if you are not a high level programmer:

  1. SwebApps
  2. ShoutEm
  3. Bonus Finder Chrome App
  4. MyAppBuilder
  5. MobiCart
  6. MobBase
  7. Mippin
  8. GENWI
  9. AppMakr
  10. Free Slots Chrome App

How to Make an App


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